An institute dedicated for sugarcane research and development, working closely with sugar industry and cane growers of the Punjab State

Vision: Progress, prosperity & growth of the Punjab Sugar Industry in general and the cane growers of Punjab in particular.

In order to increase the income of the farmers specifically the sugarcane growers in the State, the more stress should be given to increase of yield rather than increase in price, as an increase of price of sugarcane @ Rs.10/- per qtl. adds to around Rs.3000/- per acre only to farmer's income whereas an increase of yield by around 50 qtls/acre which is very much achievable within next two years will add to around 15000/- per acre. There is a potential to enhance the yield up to around 400 Qtls/ Acres in the State in next three to four years which will substantially increase the farmers income. In view of the details mentioned above as well as keeping in view the recommendations of the Cabinet Sub Committee, it is felt that in order to increase the per acre yield of sugarcane as well as sugar recovery which will in turn add to the income of farmers & sugar mills in addition to a boost for agriculture diversification, the State of Punjab should have an dedicated Sugarcane Institute catering to the needs of the farmers & sugar mills of the State.

These rules and regulations of Society named GURU NANAK DEV SUGARCANE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE, Plot No.53, Sector-54, Phase-II, Opp. Bassi Cinema, SAS Nagar, (Mohali) has been framed with a view to run the smooth functioning of the society and shall be strictly adhered to by all the members throughout their period of membership. The rules and regulations shall not be changed, altered or amended without the consent of the General Body of the Society.

To carry out planned and need based applied research & other activities in following field for the benefit of the sugar industry and the sugarcane growers:-

  • Sugarcane agriculture: sugarcane production, sugarcane breeding and plant protection technology.
  • Imparting training to the staff of sugar industries as well as sugarcane cultivators.
  • Undertaking sugarcane development activities in sugar factories for improving their techno-economic efficiency.
  • Developing a complete sugarcane seed development & seed replacement programme for the sugar factories.
  • To provide technical services to Sugar factory.
  • Advisory, consultancy and extension services.
  • Survey and information services.
  • Varietal and seasonal planning for better sugarcane production.
  • Operational research to test the utility of research finding for adoption.
  • To adopt mechanization in the sugarcane cultivation
  • Providing training & complete technical know-how to the farmers & sugar factories staff to achieve better sugarcane yield by adopting latest sugarcane cultivation techniques.
  • Experimental & seed production farms to be developed and commercial units of tissue culture, bio-control laboratories, bio-fertilizer units etc. would have to be constructed to cater to the sugar industry of the state.

Vision: Progress, prosperity & growth of the Punjab Sugar Industry in general and the cane growers of Punjab in particular.